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Bell’Invito Stationers began in 2004 with the vision of fashion art director, Heather Wiese. Influenced by her time spent in Italy, she sought to create a product combining her love of traditional European style and its meticulous craftsmanship with her skill for modern design.

In 2009 with the addition of new services, Bell'INVITO reserved it's top tier offering under the label Bell’INVITO Couture and began to offer exclusive partnerships with a small number of retailers. In late 2013 the Couture label took its latest branding step as a luxury purveyor and began championing not only the design and production quality of the Couture label products, but also their content. Etiquette standards in wording as well as an elevated aesthetic are hallmarks of the Bell'INVITO Couture label.

Bell'INVITO HOME is the latest addition to the family, hitting the market in the Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 seasons. Founder and Creative Director Heather Wiese Alexander sought out studios much like her own to partner in making beautiful, high quality products for the home. Partnering studios employ craftsmen and women to do traditional artisan work, and value the product they produce and well as the livelihood of the producers.

Heather already had an avid interest in artisanal printing, so when she unearthed some forgotten family heirlooms, among them a number of late 19th century printing presses that had been covered in dust for decades, it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the process and see if this was exactly what she’d been looking for. Turned out, it was.

Today Bell’Invito stationery is printed using presses that date back to the late 1800’s. The Bell’Invito brand encompasses four distinct collections: Couture, Luxe, Social, and Digital Bespoke.

The level of design, quality of materials and proprietary printing techniques set Bell’Invito apart in the world of fine paper goods. Heather and the Bell’Invito team are committed to superior client service and an unpretentious approach to sharing knowledge, the joy of social entertaining and an appreciation for quality and timeless correspondence.

Bell'INVITO Stationers and Bell'INVITO HOME invite you to write often and live beautifully. With the new offerings in product, lifestyle tips, and etiquette advice, you can relax and do just that.

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